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TWLan Chat?
It could be interesting if there was a chat room where we could talk live with each other.

Opinions Tongue?
Would be interesting if the activiy is high enough.

Which platform would you prefer, Skype?

This could be an option (really good idea Wink), also there is a chat platform called "xat" (you may google it).

Well, there are tons of ways to create a chat, but I will agree that Skype is a good idea!
Works only with flash, so no way for me Big Grin
Yea :/, on mac it won't work.

So is there any way we could organize a skype group?
It works on a Mac, but not on my Android phone Wink

I could create a conversation this weekend but first we'd have to set some rules etc.

Maybe could you add me in Skype (philippwinter11), I'll be online tomorrow again Smile
Will do Wink!
Add me in Skype my friend if you wanna some help, i´m disposed to do everything to help this game to stay better, this game now it´s very impossible to play, it isn´t bad, but it´s very errors and bugs.
My Skype: Lucas Almeida Krauser


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