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TWLan Chat? - parat26 - 01.05.2013

It could be interesting if there was a chat room where we could talk live with each other.

Opinions Tongue?

RE: TWLan Chat? - Phisa - 03.05.2013

Would be interesting if the activiy is high enough.

Which platform would you prefer, Skype?

RE: TWLan Chat? - parat26 - 03.05.2013


This could be an option (really good idea Wink), also there is a chat platform called "xat" (you may google it).

Well, there are tons of ways to create a chat, but I will agree that Skype is a good idea!

RE: TWLan Chat? - Phisa - 03.05.2013

Works only with flash, so no way for me Big Grin

RE: TWLan Chat? - parat26 - 03.05.2013

Yea :/, on mac it won't work.

So is there any way we could organize a skype group?

RE: TWLan Chat? - Phisa - 03.05.2013

It works on a Mac, but not on my Android phone Wink

I could create a conversation this weekend but first we'd have to set some rules etc.

Maybe could you add me in Skype (philippwinter11), I'll be online tomorrow again Smile

RE: TWLan Chat? - parat26 - 04.05.2013

Will do Wink!

RE: TWLan Chat? - Sirius - 27.10.2016

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