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[v1.4] Spy buildings on attack
INFO: This script will help you determine the building levels of a spied village and automatically save it into another mysql column.

Attention, this IS NOT a php snippet, though, I kindly ask you to use this as it follows:

Step 1: Run this code in phpMyAdmin -> db_name
- this code will create a function which selects the number of units from an string like 1;0;0;0;20;10;100;29;

PHP Code:
x VARCHAR(255),
delim VARCHAR(12),
pos INT
LENGTH(SUBSTRING_INDEX(xdelimpos -1)) + 1),

Step 2: Run this code in phpMyAdmin -> db_name (this will add a new column where the data is saved)
PHP Code:
ALTER TABLE  reports ADD  s_buildings VARCHAR100 CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL AFTER  receiver_userid 

Step 3: Create a file in htdocs/ name it spy.php and paste into it this code:
PHP Code:
mysql_connect('localhost','root','pass') or die(mysql_error());
//replace pass with mysql pass
mysql_select_db('database',$con) or die(mysql_error());
//replace database with the db name

mysql_query("CREATE TRIGGER `spy` BEFORE INSERT ON `reports`

IF NEW.type = 'attack' AND (twexplode(NEW.a_units, ';',4) - twexplode(NEW.b_units, ';',4)) > 0 AND NEW.in_group = 'attack' THEN

    SET @buildings = NULL;
            `main`, ';',
            `barracks`, ';',
            `stable`, ';',
            `garage`, ';',
            `snob`, ';',
            `smith`, ';',
            `place`, ';',
            `market`, ';',
            `wood`, ';',
            `stone`, ';',
            `iron`, ';',
            `farm`, ';',
            `storage`, ';',
            `hide`, ';',
            `id` = NEW.to_village;

    SET NEW.s_buildings = @buildings;

) or die(mysql_error());

Step 4: Go to http://localhost/spy.php
- If page is blank (empty / white), or it returns something like duplicate trigger name, everything is ok, DELETE spy.php
- If there are shown any errors, please post them here !

Step 5: All thats left to do now is the modification for game_report_view_attack.tpl so it can parse and show the data from s_buildings (Scouted buildings column).
It will be something like this,:

PHP Code:
$info mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("SELECT s_buildings FROM reports WHERE id = ".(int)$_GET['view']));
    if (
$info['s_buildings']) {
$level explode(';',$info['s_buildings']);
$_builds = array(
=> 'Village headquarters',
=> 'Barracks',
=> 'Stable',
=> 'Workshop',
=> 'Academy',
=> 'Smithy',
=> 'Rally point',
=> 'Market',
=> 'Timber camp',
=> 'Clay pit',
10 => 'Iron mine',
11 => 'Farm',
12 => 'Warehouse',
13 => 'Hiding place',
14 => 'Wall'
'<table style="border: 1px solid #DED3B9;">
                    <th>Scouted buildings:</th>
                    for (
$i 0$i count($_builds); $i++) //++$i wont work in php4
if ($level[$i])
$_builds[$i].' <b>(Level '.$level[$i].')</b><br />';

Q: Why do you need to run the SQL code from spy.php in a php file when you can run it in phpMyAdmin?
A: Because phpMyAdmin 2.x has trouble executing triggers with delimiters ! So it's best and secure to run it in PHP.

Printscreen of the final result:


- Me (idea and code)
- Google (for the mysql trigger documentation)

Best regards, Sinner.
realy nice
good job

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