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Possibility of continuation or release of source code?
Hey all, I'm sorry to be a bother but I'm once again wondering where the project is.
I'm disappointed to see that progress has almost entirely halted and the project seems to be completely dead.
I know it's silly but I was genuinely hopeful to one day see this project finished so you can understand my frustrations seeing the project get as far as it did before it eventually died.

So I've got a few questions:
A) Is there any confirmation the project is or isn't dead? I'm assuming it is dead because no update has been made since roughly 2015/17, but it could be continuing behind the scenes and it's just making slow progress. I don't know. I know the devs have lives outside of this project so managing this may be damn near impossible. 
If it IS dead, is there any possibility of a continuation of the project down the line?

B) If the project is dead for good, will the project ever go open-source so we can continue the work? Or at the very least, will you release the source code so we can continue it in our own time? I understand this one may be a bit difficult (or flat out impossible) due to distribution regulations by Inno games, though.

C) Were there any bots or addons made for Version 2.A3? I'd love to see bots added to this version, though I don't know if they've been posted here. 

I apologize if this is sounding rather impatient, I'm just very enthusiastic about this project as I've been following it for years now so I want to see it succeed.

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Possibility of continuation or release of source code? - by dgraymandude - 23.09.2020, 22:07

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