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I can't even tell how happy I am to finally find a LAN version on Tribal-Wars. Now I can play it with my friends whenever they come at my place and have a speed round. Good job guys!
Don't listen to the bad guys :Smile am a developer myself (but not in PHP and Go, Js) and I know how hard it is to code something like this. I have read some posts on this forum where Molt expressed his pesimism about upcoming updates on this game, and you know what? Don't worry about updates, the game is very good (in this state). You did a GREAT job! It's playable and that's all what matters. Although it would be nice to add achievements and infovillage, rest is cool! =~~~ Salutes from Romania
Just use the legacy versions, they are pretty much done. They are not well coded at all, but they work and there are a lot of plugings (like achievements for example)

MfG Manuel
Can you please give me a link to such a version?

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