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Help in the development
I wonder if the TWLan team needs help in the development of the application.

I do not know how it is being done today, but we can use the best resources, POO, Restful API Everywhere, AngularJS also work with Mobile Cross Platform, maybe we make a mobile version too.

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Would be cool to see some new updates. Wink
Afaik TWLan got a new developer some months ago but I think there are no updates so far...
Molt and Steffen are the guys you should ask.
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Probably because they can't make it opensource it's very difficult to keep working on it. Also it isn't really as popular as it used to be. And this is just a hobby for them. I'm really impressed by version 2 compared to the older ones it's much better and very close to the current Tribalwars.
I can make with some people a mobile version to TWLan, but I need help, I know some PHP, Javascript, DreamWeaver and CSS.
If someone want join to this project, I´ll be very happy, remember this project is voluntary, so, don´t expected any thing, unless help to make a better game and admiration of the people who will play or play this game.

Projects like these take months of work especially if you want to recreate the likeness of something complicated as Tribalwars. The original game is being worked on by teams of multiple people on a daily basis to keep it updated so don't underestimate projects like these.

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