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Player limit
Dear all,

I am part of a small organisation in Belgium called Viveslan, and twice a year we organize a lan-party for around 200 men. This year we wanted to set up a local Tribal wars lan server to entertain our attendees between our competitions. While reading the license of TWLan I saw that there is a 15 player limit enforced by InnoGames but also that changes can be made to the license with written approval of PostOpus. I tried to contact the developers for more information but mailing is disabled for new  users Sad.

Can anyone help me to contact the devs or confirm that they would/could even allow the change for an event?

Thanks in advance.

Note that the server shall only be accessible by people attending the lan and shall not be used for any commercial purpose of monetization on the lan.
I'm not sure how much we can do in that regard, legally speaking.
I'll ask around and discuss this, but Inno have quite a habit of not even answering us.

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