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Problem with start
Dear all,
I have problem and I followed this instructions -

[Image: 34ihb4j.jpg]

And I don´t know, what to do?

Thank´s in advice.  Wink

Greetings Yubazushiki.
Could some Antivirus/Firewall be blocking internet access for the TWLan?
I uinstalled antivir /avg/ and turned off firewall and still same problem. :-(
Are you sure, you have internet access on the machine you're running the TWLan server on?
You need internet access once when starting the server for the first time.

so far
Manchmal denke ich:
I have access internet non-stop.

I´m not begginer on PC, so I know when have internet access and when don´t have internet access. (I have project but I can´t get here it would be advertising.) Smile Cool
please..... what is it????

[Image: 2iqe890.jpg]
That is almost impossible to get by accident... could you try again, please?
It will probably still fail, but I've enabled logging on the server, so that I can see what goes wrong.
I'm having the same problem...
Is there a fix for or something?

A little info;
I have nonstop access to the internet.
I do not have an Anti Virus program.
My Firewall is off.
We don't have a fix yet, but your attempt generated log files, so at least we have a starting point now and can look into it.
That said, we are still unable to reproduce this. Could you give us more information on your system?
Are you on Windows? What version? 32 or 64 bit?

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