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gives errors and stops

I tried to add bonus villages to twlan, I use the Dutch version of twlan, I used Molt's bonus village files, these are the graphic (map) files and php files, I placed the php file into /opt/twlan/htdocs/ and the graphics into /opt/twlan/htdocs/graphic/map/ and /opt/twlan/htdocs/graphic/bonus/ respectively, later i got the error divide by zero in /opt/twlan/htdocs/lib/builds.php some times, after I changed permissions of opt to edit all, I don't know what i did wrong. I restarted twlan, and it gave these errors:
PHP Code:
Starting TWLan server...
Starting MySQL...
MySQL has been started.
Starting Apache...
Apache is already running.
Starting events handler...
Events handler has been started.
TWLan server has been started

If you want to play TWLanopen in your browser.
Your friends in your LAN should openhttp://
root@cedian-Aspire-7551:/opt/twlan# sh twlan*.sh status
TWLan status
running (PID 19854)
MySQL          not running
 Events handler 
not running

80  (HTTPD/Apache) : ^[[A^[[A^[[used by TWLan
TWLan does not need port 3306 anymore.
root@cedian-Aspire-7551:/opt/twlan# sh twlan*.sh startevent
Starting events handler...
Events handler has been started.
root@cedian-Aspire-7551:/opt/twlan# sh twlan*.sh startmysql
Starting MySQL...
MySQL has been started.
root@cedian-Aspire-7551:/opt/twlan# sh twlan*.sh startmysql
Starting MySQL...
MySQL has been started.
root@cedian-Aspire-7551:/opt/twlan# sh twlan*.sh startevent
Starting events handler...
Events handler has been started.
root@cedian-Aspire-7551:/opt/twlan# sh twlan*.sh stopmysql
Stopping MySQL...
MySQL PID file could not be found (is MySQL running?). 

and in the browser it displays:
PHP Code:
No database connection could be established. (is MySQL running?)
Error messageCan't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/twlan/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) 

New edit:

It closes eventshandler everytime I start /opt/twlan/
Might be some security mechanism of Lekensteyn, or it might just be broken.
I'm afraid I can't help you, because I can't even get MySQL running on Ubuntu x64.
(05.01.2015, 03:39)Molt Wrote: I'm afraid I can't help you, because I can't even get MySQL running on Ubuntu x64.

Da bist du nicht mal der einzige Bob Big Grin
✝ RiP [font=sans-serif]✝[/font]
Weiter geht's  Cool
I got a way to get it running, but eventshandler only won't start, you can get mysql working (it is an older mysql version, which has errors) by adding a pid file called /opt/twlan/mysql/data/(your computer name).pid after that add rights for other users, then go to /opt/twlan/mysql/bin and start mysqld or mysqld_safe as root. maybe you need to kill mysql and apache first, try this a few times while trying to start It should work after a few tries, also add a mysqld.sock or your_computer_name.sock to /opt/twlan/tmp/, it should work after those tries, only eventshandler won't start after that on my computer. I'm now at school so can't check it atm.
why don´t you rather wait for 2.0 ?
play Tribal wars until they release it.Smile
Good idea, but also want to play lan with my younger brother.

Will there be a mobile site like the original TW has, so we can go on our phones to the local game without going onto the pc?

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