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[v1.4] Tribal Wars Latest Version Project
I did everything I can you make this code a bit more better and to bring it in the newest version of Tribal Wars, and this is my work of 2 Years coding.

Although some parts are in Greek and you need to find the file and edit it it order to change it, when you find those link them to the .ini file.

Thank you,
I hope I helped a bit.

*Also there are some small problems with the map, but you can work with it.

Please post any updates here.
Also contact me if you want to make this Project better.

Even if you have maked a small change in any of the Version of Tribal Wars LAN I need your skills don't hesitate to contact.


Here are some images:

The Versions below are not stable, unless it says so in the brackets and they are not recommended for a Live LAN Server.

Download v1.0 by Blaze:
(Dev | Release Date: 31/8/2014)
[Image: download.png]

Upcoming Version 1.1:
(Stable | Estimated Release Date: unknown)
Big Changes:
+ Main Building
--+ Buildings Icon Change
+ Smith
--+ Tab names
+ New Popup Drag Window (Only in Create New mail)

Small Changes:
+ Graphical Overviews (Tables in HTML)
--+ Unit
--+ Reports (New report with image)
--+ Mails (New mail with image)
--+ Ranking

Upcoming Version 1.2:
(Dev | Estimated Release Date: unknown)
Big Changes:
+ Flag System (Still much work to do before this, not sure if I can make it.)

Small Changes:
+ Fix Popup Window (for all units)

(Six Umbrella XBOX Three Music VISA iPhone Shoot Drip Hero Korean DRIP Rope Fruit)
Have images?
What images?
about your project...
Yeah I forgot

Post Update:
+ Added Images
After downloading the file how to install the game or how to operate Sad
Wow! Great job man!
✝ RiP 
Weiter geht's  Cool
i cant seem to get this to work in localhost on a wamp installation

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