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TBot [v0.1]

yesterday, I found a very old version of the TBot, an artificial intelligence for the TWLan.

Current features:
  • construct buildings
  • research new techs
  • recruit units

The type of units which can be researched/recruited can be configured in a PHP-file, it is planned that there will be an graphical frontend for the TBot configuration Wink

Moreover, it is possible to state how many units of a type can be recruited (e.g. maximum 6100 axes per village).

The download will be linked here this afternoon!
Freue mich schon drauf ihn zu testen, pL4n3 Big Grin

Schön, dass du auch noch ab und zu vorbei schaust Wink

✝ RiP [font=sans-serif]✝[/font]
Weiter geht's  Cool
Version will be uploaded in the late evening, I just added the feature that the TBot will attack a random player :o

[Image: 6sufxrhr.png]
Solltest noch darauf achten, dass der Bot die Spieler dann nicht zu heftig Farmt ohne eine chance zu haben wieder aufzusteigen, wie meiner das gemacht hat xD
✝ RiP [font=sans-serif]✝[/font]
Weiter geht's  Cool
Where is a download link? Tongue
Clearly it was abducted by aliens.

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