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Development Updates 2.0
TWLan 2.0 - Current Development Status

From now on we will keep you updated on the development of the second generation TWLan, to ensure a maximum amount of transparency.

Please keep in mind that this is a really huge and complex project.
We are already doing anything in our power to progress, questions via PN or similar activities regarding this concern are unrewarding and NOT wished.
Please keep discussions ONLY in the feedback thread.

Link to the feedback thread: Link

The TWLan Development Team
December 2013 till early February 2014
  • Buildings/Recruitment: Barracks + Garage + Stable (as all buildings of this recruitment type) implementiert (with corresponding event system features)
  • Buildings/Smith: implemented with corresponding features
  • Buildings/Snob: implemented the coin version
  • Fight-System: Implemented the basis features (the calculating part) of the fighting system (this includes the simulator), Results are really close to the original.
  • Javascript/Style: Adjustments to the new Tribalwars version.
  • Internal: Improvement of code quality (Refactoring & co), Performance improvements and of course bugfixes.


Village overview:

Simulator (Innogames):

Simulator (TWLan):

Statistics regarding this progress:
35536 lines of code have already been added.
14743 lines of code have already been removed.

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