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[2.0] Major questions about the new project
Hello everyone. I wanted to start this thread a long time ago, and I hope I will cover many questions that other people wanted to ask. I know, many people keep asking about it, and developers make it clear that they are not gonna answer to these kind of questions again.

So, in this topic I want to cover some major questions about the new version coming.

Is TWLan project alive?
I remember the good old days 2011, where the was a question every hour. However it seems that many people quit from the forum and stopped developing tools, bots and any kind of addon for the project. And thats why people quit. They lost their interest.

A sneak peak of the new version?
Screenshots? Updates? A small sneak peak could keep active players in checking the forum for any news! I really want to hear some news from the development branch.

List of the new upcoming features?
That could be awesome! As far as I've heared it's gonna be a very modern version as the current TW official version. But some more details, maybe?

I could personally donate a fair amount of money at this project, but thats not my point. I am suggesting a donate button on the forum. I am sure people can support TWLan!

Maybe become abit more popular?
I mean, not spend money for Google Ads and things like that. Maybe an introduction in the TW forums? Because as far as I know, none of my friends know about it. Also I know there is thread at .net however still needs some work.

Anyway, thanks for reading my suggestions. I hope a developer could see that thread! And I really want to support TWLan.

- parat26 member since 2011.
(08.09.2013, 14:37)parat26 Wrote: Is TWLan project alive?

I wish I had a straight answer to this. Theoretically yes.
The problem is that I have absolutely no time until summer 2014 and Steffen has almost none, so Phisa is basically alone most of the time.
The last changes were made two weeks ago and I talked to Steffen and Phisa, but I don't know what happened since then.

(08.09.2013, 14:37)parat26 Wrote: A sneak peak of the new version?

We have only back-end stuff so far. And a lot of bad, old code.

(08.09.2013, 14:37)parat26 Wrote: List of the new upcoming features?

We planned an announcement for something like a week ago, but we're not anywhere near ready to have anything to announce.

(08.09.2013, 14:37)parat26 Wrote: Donations?

Time is what we (or at least I) need. Sad

(08.09.2013, 14:37)parat26 Wrote: Maybe become abit more popular?

Since there hasn't been anything new since 3 years I don't think this is the way to go at the time.

For now I can't do much, I have to really focus on school this year. There's just not enough time.

Hey Molt!

Thanks for spending some time answering these questions, not only for me because I asked but for everyone here who wants to follow and support TWLan.

That's great news to hear, and don't worry. It's a big project and it requires time.

About the old messy code, you can't imagine how right you are Tongue. I tried to change the messy style of TWLan 1.4 once but due to the messy template code I couldn't.

I beleive the new TWLan is going to be impressive Wink!

- parat26

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