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idea and,.....

i have and idea or something like that Big Grin
On TWlan 2.0 it would be nice if there was one option to give orders to bots in your tribe, like to attack another bot in enemy´s tribe.But i don´t know if this is even possible. Wink

And 1 question...
Is here anyone who´s making scripts to easier attack another player..
I don´t know how to explain in english, but i will try. Smile
when u go to relly point u click on that script , this script give you coordinates of first villa and when u click on again give you coordinates of second villa and like that to the last..this script you make with java script i think. If you know what i mean and know how to do thih please teach me Smile)
It´s hard to attack player with 300 villas if you go village by village slowely, if you know what i mean Wink

Regards and thanks for your attention,

Nowdays only a few people create new scripts/bots as everyone is waiting for the new TWLan version to come. As far as I've heared there is no bot planned within the new version 2.0 however some kind of bot script will be made after each release.

So as you understand there is no clear answer to your question.
but how far did they came till now...?
Sorry I don't understand your question.
are they on half of a work or on the start?
I personally haven't heared anything from the developers yet, but they have been working since last year on TWLan 2.0

It's a big project so don't expect a release soon.
yeah i better do not even expect it before summer 2015

so yeah till then there will be only developers,almost all people here will stop waiting...i understand there are only few people to work this and they dont get any money for this so, thank you
You are welcome, you may also look around the Forum and especially look at the questions area. You might find an answer to your problems/requests because a lot of people have posted questions that are answered Wink

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