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How to have the 5.0 index ?
Hello guys ! I'm new to this thing with DsLan. How can I have the 5.0 index ?
I think no one have developed an index of TWLan for the current TW version but since no one have done it, you need to design it by yourself!

Also, wait for the release of TWLan 2.0 because it is going to be awesome Wink!
Do you know when the 2.0 version will be released ?

MfG Manuel
As Manuel said, there is no release date yet because the project is too big. Basically TWLan 2.0 was re-written again from scrach as the code was messy in the current version. Also, TWLan is going to have almost similar features with the current TW version.

So, I guess thats why is taking too long...
I see. Thanks for taking the time to answer to my question. I guess, all I need to do is wait. Big Grin
if you just wait you will never have it this forum needs more activity
the more active members it has it gives a chance of twlan2.0 gets done faster

dont see if you dont like to watch people losing their head

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