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How to describe a problem
Hello Community

Since users fail at describing their problem again and again, here's a little guide on how to describe your problem:

Quote:1. What are you trying to do?

WRONG: I try to install awards.
RIGHT: I download the zip file, extract it and move the extracted folder to twlan/htdocs. Then I restart TWLan.

2. What does not work?

WRONG: It does not work.
RIGHT: Awards don't appear anywhere in the game and there is no error message.

3. More information?

WRONG: PLEEZ HALP MEH!!11!!one!!!oneeleven!!
RIGHT: I'm using TWLan 1.4.3 for Linux on Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop, I have admin permissions, until now TWLan was working fine and the installed tools are "Statue & Paladin", "Shadybot" and "Graphics package 7.0".


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