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Some questions
Hay all.

I would like to ask you about continents on the map. Why K99 is on the top and K9 at the bottom ?

In help tap is a screen with all continents and on this screen K9 is on the top and K99 at the bottom like in normal tribal wars. Can I change it in DS LAN to normal map like on TW ?

Second question. Can I set the default army in each new village ? For ex. I set the new account with 10 villages and each village will have 15000 swordsmen ?

Regards Kamil
1. Question: The map is the same like on TW Lan you start in continent 55
2. Question: Yes there is a Tool named "Ultimate Cheating" there you can edit every Village

PS: We have en English board for these Qustions too see here --->
Wenn ich helfen konnte, dann bewertet mich bitte. -->Bewertung
Yes the same like on TW Lan but on the normal Tribal Wars continents are ( from the up ) K5 , K15 , K25 , K35 , K45 , K55 etc. to K95 at the bottom. In DS LAN this is reversed. Can I change it ?
Why want to change you normaly play with TWLan only on 1 continent Wink
Wenn ich helfen konnte, dann bewertet mich bitte. -->Bewertung
You don't understand me Smile Look , in Help tab is this screen

[Image: 32881706203421199368.png]

K95 is on the bottom right ?

So look at the map in DS LAN

[Image: 81733148246455621342.jpg]

Why continent K5 is on the bottom ? ? In map screen it is on the top of the map. Thats my problem , how can I fix that
I dont know why and how to fix it Wink
You neednt to fix ist, it isnt such a great problem i think Wink
Wenn ich helfen konnte, dann bewertet mich bitte. -->Bewertung
For me is a big problem because I wanna move my account and the rest users from to DS LAN and the locations of the villages do not match Sad.

PS. That unlimate cheating doesn't work

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in E:\GAMES\PLEMIONA\Plemiona v1.4 modifited\htdocs\lib\functions.php on line 725
I guess you're using an old version of TWLan. Sure that it's v1.4?
And because of the continent swap... I guess I can change it, but I'll have to take a look at the code...


EDIT: LOL! That's a comment that I found in map.php:
PHP Code:
// Y Koordinate gehört einfach umgedreht =) 
Maybe I shouldn't change it... ^^

EDIT 2: I just changed it and it worked perfectly.

EDIT 3: ~moved
I'm using All in one based on DS LAN 1.4.3.

Map.php is encoded so I can't do anything Sad Can you send this fixed file to me ? To my email ?

And some another question. Can I fixed that map view ? Where are all the trees and sea on it ? Only grass is everywhere Sad
No I can't send you the map.php because InnoGames doesn't allow us to publish uncoded source files and I don't know if the new map.php ist still compatible with v1.4.
I have to talk with the others to find out if I should upload the changes in map.php or not.
If yes, the fix will come with v1.5.


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