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Fucking barracks bug in actions/overview.php
The query for $timer_data['barracks'] is "SELECT time_finished FROM recruit WHERE building='barracks' ORDER BY id DESC".
This should be:
"SELECT time_finished FROM recruit WHERE building='barracks' && villageid={$village[id]} ORDER BY id DESC"
Took me half an hour to figure out when I was creating graphic overview for v5.
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Project: creating a compact and easy to setup DSLan (Linux) (Windoze is in development)
Oo Goddamnit. Sorry. As soon as I get the next freaking unstable version send to me, when the guy who has it finally repairs his computer; I will fix it and release a new, bug-fixed version of TWLan.
He have the decrypted TWLan?
Manchmal denke ich:
Nein. agrafix muss mir die letzte Entwicklerversion senden, und sein Computer hat das Geistliche gesegnet. Deswegen muss ich warten.

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