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v1.4; 'alang' bugs (with patch) [reports, place]
With the latest version (15:01), there is still a bug in reports.
Open any group at reports except for "Alle Berichte".
You'll get an "alang" error.

Fix: edit htdocs/templates/game_report_overview.tpl and replace get("***") by grab("report_all", "***").

Language issues ('alang')
Platz -> Truppen
Calling back "Truppen in anderen D├Ârfern" -> einige:
aLang Error: place_units_try_back_units[support_call_back] not found!
Fix: add the following to de.ini (line 442):
Second bug fixed, can't reproduce the first bug!
I can still reproduce it with this link:

game_report.tpl should be edited too:
<h2>{$lang->get( "reports")}</h2>
<h2>{$lang->grab("report_all", "reports")}</h2>

Reminder: game_report_overview.tpl should be edited too, see first post.

Edit: and game_report_view.tpl...
There's no need of proposing fixes Wink I'll take a look at it
Well, I'm patching them with that, sharing doesn't hurt Wink
Another bug (with fix):
When not specifying a receiver in a mail, you'll get an aLang error.
Fix: replace "max_receiver" in section "error" by "receiver_max" (lang/*.ini).
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