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Hello, I know I am new to this forum, but no good to come here to explain, I'm new, but I would like now to start helping the young, or inexperienced in DsLan.
Also if possible, waiting for a contact from the administration in order to help build several steps DsLan.
I just got out of a company's computer science, which held the company's management.
Nothing was connected to the lineup of DsLan but encompassed make programs for the company, I am licensed in Programming Languages, and I know work in different areas, from which the following:

php, html, dhtml, xhtml, js, css C + +, C #, Visual Basic, etc.

If you need assistance in building dslan contact me, because I'm really desperate at home doing nothing, and enjoyed very much help to all players DsLan, and administrators. (Do not want any profit with this)

good idea, lots of people will be glad now Big Grin
Veni, vidi, vici.

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