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Some questions about TWLan 2.0
An update about the release?
(12.01.2014, 22:57)leomiro Wrote: An update about the release?

Schildkröte: "nichts ist langsamer als ich!"
Schnecke: "ich bin ganz sicher langsamer!"
Und dann kam der Internet Explorer...
The problem with updates is that we can't really give you anything which is meaningful.
We have these possibilities:
1. give an ETA (for example 08.08.2014) and then something happens and we can't hold it -> USELESS
2. give status updates (for example XY now done, XY now working)
- You do not know what components are missing -> USELESS; no relative information
(It isn't exactly easy to keep a track of all components, because you will definitely miss at least some)
- You don't know if you have implemented it *correctly* (basically later you notice that it isn't working as intended and you need refactoring, rewriting, redesigning, -> more time) -> USELESS

Let's take a look at the pros & cons:
- You have some information

- You have expectations and can be disappointed
- Due to the development being irregular, you can't estimate how long the *rest* takes, so you do false approximations.
- We have some unnecessary pressure, which takes some of the fun of the project -> less time goes to it -> more pressure/even less fun

This is my view on this topic. Feel free to share your opinions on this...

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