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how many days
Hi there folks,

This is a kind of funny question because I have never
played a twlan round more then two days because there is always a bugg that need me to restart it all.

So the question is whats your longest round with twlan
Glad to help
well a normally stop playing but i play about a week...

dont see if you dont like to watch people losing their head
thats kind of long, it cant been with bots right
Glad to help
i never played more than a week i simply stoped so i cant say how long i could go even with bots

dont see if you dont like to watch people losing their head
okey, the thing is that in some how i like more to play on an lan server
then the normal server. Cant really say why but it is the feeling in
hosting an server that is fun and if they get the 2.0 version to work
without problem it would be verry great
Glad to help
Ive played one round for several weeks, I played what I called a zombie apocalypse round. All my bots only built spearmen, which in my game are the zombies (I gave them more defense and a bit more attack) I almost never get bugged unless I dont log in for several days (when I got bored of it)
okey nice idéa but how did you got the bots agains you, i mean it is verry hard to get
them attacking at all they just farms smaller villages
Glad to help

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