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New Page (Preview)
Im working on a new page for my DSLan version , so here it is :

Hope you like it! Smile
Very Very Nice!

But its no church in the DSLan?
Manchmal denke ich:
Where`s the pic?
B8shT1m3 aka A-m-OSmile

Bewerte mich bitte wenn ich dir geholfen hab.

PS:Bin Vollidiot des Monats, ich darf das![Image: awesome.gif]
(05.10.2009, 16:02)Yannici Wrote: Very Very Nice!

But its no church in the DSLan?

There will be soon...Wink

(05.10.2009, 16:14)B8shT1m3 Wrote: Where`s the pic?

Just click on the spoiler and you will see the pic!
? Have you got the churche in your DSLan? Or in the Version 1.4... It's very nice Smile
I don't have the Church right now but ...i will try to add it too the game soon...But right now im trying to make my Startseite better and better...
its hopeless.. if you try to add the church .. you will get an Simple page with no text when you click the church Smile.. just like the statue and the paladin
Yeah , but there must be a way to add it to the game...Big Grin
No there isn't. The files are all translated in a secret language??? (Geheime Sprache Big Grin ) So you can't it edit. You must edit the map...
I can decrypt those files , but i don't know right now...i must learn how to decrypt files...i've tryed a few days ago but i don't know how do it!
Its possible to decrypt but only very important people have this decrypt Tool to decrypt the EAccelerator code.
Manchmal denke ich:
Do you know the name of that Tool?
No Sorry xD
That will be illegaly to give you the name Big Grin
Manchmal denke ich:
Oh...i will not make my server online because i don't want too...i just want to add the Church and translate my entire server into Romania...but its ok if you don't want to give me the name...maybe someday i will find itTongue
I founded a site, where a boy is... He has the "transleted" form (uncodierte Form)

But he said: "If i give you that no, i am at the ass!"
Wink) babies how do you think that i removed the V1.3 players limit ? Wink) decrypting game.php Smile
and to make it online you need to edit the file Smile
Please m1cr0 can you tell me what program did you use?
You can remove the players limit without decrypting the game.php.

But m1cr0 this is illegaly!
The admin will bann you and you will get a visit from the police

(Wusste nicht was Anzeige heißt, darum hab ich das so formuliert)
Manchmal denke ich:
Wink) i dont host any online DSLan Wink) i just edit it Smile
its not illegal to edit a program for personal use Smile
it is illegal. read this :


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