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Ajaxed Moral
Oh sry, wrong threadBig Grin
Wenn ich dir helfen konnte, bewerte mich doch bitte!

Manche Leute sagen, 20 Stunden am Tag Tetris zu summen wäre verrückt, ich frage mich nur wieso...

no problem Wink)
the link isnt going anymore.
is there a way to restore it, or to upload it again ?
i added the .zip back, with rapidshare mirror, if there will be any problem feel free to pm me. I'm mostly inactive because i don't have too much time to spend.
Kann es sein dass das Tool seit dem ReUp nicht mehr funktioniert?

Also es kommt kein Fehler, aber bei mir steht nur Moral da und es gibt keine Prozentzahlen aus.

Sorry, but I think there's something wrong with your tool since you've uploaded it on rapidshare.

I do not see the percentage of the moral status, only the word Moral, when I move the mouse over a village.

Could you please help me?

Oder kann jemand aus Deutschland mir helfen Big Grin ?
(08.08.2009, 10:23)Black Arrow Wrote: the percent sign is missing behind the numbers.

There is no percent sign and no number in my version Sad
mfg HuGo
[Image: ecf8.png]
Support me Smile
Kann mir irgendjemand, bei dem das Prozentzeichen funktioniert erklären wie das geht, BlackArrow vielleicht du ?
mfg HuGo
[Image: ecf8.png]
Support me Smile
where there are line "map_popup('{$cl_map->getVillage($x,$y,"name")}({$x}|{$y}) K{$cl_map->getcon($x,$y)}', {$cl_map->getvillage($x,$y,points)}, {$cl_map->playerinfo($x,$y)}, {$cl_map->getally($x,$y)}, false)" ???:|:|
(05.06.2010, 11:05)Troasca Wrote: where there are line "map_popup('{$cl_map->getVillage($x,$y,"name")}({$x}|{$y}) K{$cl_map->getcon($x,$y)}', {$cl_map->getvillage($x,$y,points)}, {$cl_map->playerinfo($x,$y)}, {$cl_map->getally($x,$y)}, false)" ???:|:|

In the template game_map.tpl

MfG Manuel
I have retested this tool and works great on my server, works with any version of dslan.
Great Thanks !
can u pls reup Smile
do somebody still got these files? pls avise me! thx
jemand der die ajaxed moral files noch hat?

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