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TWLan and DSLan (1.4.3
I have DSLan 1.4.3 and TWLan 1.4.
I hear they are the same, but one is in EN (TWLan) and the other in GE (DSLan).

Well, the files are different, the localhost homepage is different..
The one that looks more recent is the DSLan 1.4.3, the TWLan 1.4 looks like the oldddddd version of Tribalwars.

Please, can someone post me an active link to download the TWLan 1.4.3, with working phpmyadmin?

Thanks, Nine/Jordan.
I've downloaded it and it all works, but, it's not English? Although I see an en.ini file
twlan/htdocs/include/config.php (open as a plain text file)
set the language variable (what is "de") to "en" and save the file.

You need to open the include/config.php and change the $config['lang'] = 'de'; to be $config['lang'] = 'en';

- Chris
Hey.. Is there anyway possible to play Dslan 1.4.3 with friends? I have the all in one package one its really good but the bots are no fun to be honest, and ive tried using hamachi and it says "Nur lokale Netzwerk IPs erlaubt! Dieses Spiel darf nicht im Internet betrieben werden!" wich says im not allowed to play over the internet only LAN, but hamachi is made to create a virtual LAN, and i dont understand why i doesnt work, please i really wanna play with my friend.. There must be some way because alot of the tools make you enter the ip. so that means there must be some way of playing with a friend! please
Technically, it's no problem, but we had to disable this option. TWLan is the LAN version of Tribalwars, which belongs to InnoGames. And InnoGames told us we had to make sure the game could only be played locally or they would't allow us to release it. Sad
Well, Decoding the source is illegal, So whats the diffrence about making it just hamachi able, If someones gonna decrypt it, They might aswell remove the code that makes it only playable via hamachi
(13.01.2012, 17:25)bloodless2010 Wrote: So whats the diffrence about making it just hamachi able

If it's playable via Hamachi, you could as well play it online, and we don't want any problems with InnoGames.
Not exactly, As it blocks any other ip from 192.168.x.x and, You could easily make it allow ips that are 5.x.x.x (hamachi ip's) if you dont want to do it, I'd appreciate if you could talk to InnoGames about allowing it,Hamachi is Virtual LAN, Its private over the internet. If you do, maybe you could even add a little tracking thing, To see if people are just using it for private personal use, IDK, But they should allow hamachi as it was made for LAN based games, please please please.
um ok guys i havent seen any one else having this problem but i try and change language to "en" and it just says access denied... any help?
Where do you get that "Access denied"-message?
its ok i managed to solve it =)
have to download it first

dont see if you dont like to watch people losing their head

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