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    Thread: Graphic 7.0 v1.0
Post: RE: Graphic 7.0 v1.0

Can u take a bigger screenshot? Anyway, good job![hr] I downloaded and applied on top of a blank DS-Lan 1.4 installation (only Statue installed on it) and the all template is much worse than on the sc...
RiskyBomberPT Tools und Spielerprojekte 6 7'595 02.09.2012, 18:04
    Thread: Dörfer markieren v2.1
Post: RE: Dörfer markieren v2.1

the integration of this with the bonus villages from molt is not working properly, when I mouse hover the bonus village doesn't display the icon of the village type.. the game_map.tpl only fixes the i...
RiskyBomberPT Tools und Spielerprojekte 80 61'378 02.09.2012, 18:03
    Thread: Dorfsnotizen v0.2
Post: RE: Dorfsnotizen v0.2

Please, new download link!
RiskyBomberPT Tools und Spielerprojekte 12 8'783 02.09.2012, 17:35
  Question Thread: Problems on Downloads
Post: Problems on Downloads

Hi there, I was seeing some user tools, AiO's, etc. and i realised that every link on File-Upload is not working properly. The File-Upload page opens, everything right, but when I click download it...
RiskyBomberPT Gott und die Welt 1 2'458 02.09.2012, 15:24
    Thread: Neues Grafikpaket für DSLan 1.4
Post: RE: Neues Grafikpaket für DSLan 1.4

Can u please upload on other Host? File-Upload is down... i can't download neither this or the AiO...
RiskyBomberPT Grafiken 159 155'562 02.09.2012, 15:04
    Thread: ~*All-In-One~Version1.9*~
Post: RE: ~*All-In-One~Version1.9*~

hey, I can't download :S don't know why but when in the File-Upload page, I press the download button and the page that it redirects is not found... looks like a Host-Side problem... File-Upload maybe...
RiskyBomberPT Modifikationen / All-in-One-Pakete 486 515'311 02.09.2012, 13:53