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    Thread: Linux Apatche Startet nicht
Post: RE: Linux Apatche Startet nicht

Hi, I got a mail from Marc, but couldn't login because my password was lost and the recovery mail ended in the spam box. Now I found it in the spam box. Anyway, the Raspbian is built for ARM hardwar...
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 14 28'347 22.01.2013, 11:22
    Thread: MySQL Error
Post: RE: MySQL Error

Debian works with a root account, sudo is not installed by default. Code: -- su #you'll be asked for your root password /opt/twlan/ restartmysql # check again: /opt/twlan/ status --
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 4 12'618 07.06.2011, 13:24
    Thread: Aio für linux
Post: RE: Aio für linux

flasi Wrote: (06.05.2011, 18:18) -- Sql Fehler: SELECT login_locked,first_visit from login MySql Error: Can't find file: './lan/login.frm' (errno: 13) jetzt das ich glaub das bringt sich nix mehr o...
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 18 23'917 13.05.2011, 10:01
    Thread: [Release] TWLan / DSLan v1.4.3L1 for Linux
Post: RE: [Release] TWLan / DSLan v1.4.3L1 for Linux

flasi Wrote: (02.05.2011, 13:49) -- ja und was von diesen sachen soll ich runterlden -- Bitte lese
Lekensteyn Announcements 112 296'443 03.05.2011, 11:42
    Thread: [Release] TWLan / DSLan v1.4.3L1 for Linux
Post: RE: [Release] TWLan / DSLan v1.4.3L1 for Linux

Please do not follow Molt's instructions, you're making the system less secure. Molt Wrote: (17.04.2011, 09:56) -- Öffne das Terminal und gib ein: (DEINNAME durch deinen Namen ersetzen) Code: --...
Lekensteyn Announcements 112 296'443 17.04.2011, 10:46
    Thread: Beschwerde gegen fantasius2
Post: RE: Beschwerde gegen fantasius2

Bitte schicke uns eine Nachricht für solche Sachen. ~ Closed
Lekensteyn Feedback 5 11'886 27.03.2011, 21:03
    Thread: Problem Linux Multi-Welten
Post: RE: Problem Linux Multi-Welten

This should work now, all you have to do is specify multiple worlds in the worlds variable. It runs daemons in htdocs/*/daemons where * is a folder specified by you. You can overwrite your current ev...
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 12 23'613 21.03.2011, 21:43
    Thread: Problem Linux Multi-Welten
Post: RE: Problem Linux Multi-Welten

You should change the location of the PIDFILE of the events handler: Code: -- PIDFILE="$BASEDIR/tmp/" -- When changing this file, make sure the directory is writable.
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 12 23'613 18.03.2011, 12:02
    Thread: [Release] TWLan / DSLan v1.4.3L1 for Linux
Post: RE: [Release] TWLan / DSLan v1.4.3L1 for Linux

Molt Wrote: (11.03.2011, 21:38) -- Mach halt auch Code: -- sudo killall mysql -- oder Code: -- sudo killall mysqld -- musst ausprobieren, welches funzt ;) -- Please do not kill mysqld directly,...
Lekensteyn Announcements 112 296'443 12.03.2011, 21:08
    Thread: Aufträge werden nicht beendet
Post: RE: Aufträge werden nicht beendet

What is the output of: (Linux, in Terminal) Code: -- sudo /opt/twlan/ status -- (Windows, in cmd) Code: -- C:\twlan\twlan.cmd status -- (adjust the paths accordingly)
Lekensteyn Bugs & Feature Requests 23 14'127 12.03.2011, 11:37
    Thread: Problem mit Linuxversion
Post: RE: Problem mit Linuxversion

Can you post the output of: Code: -- sudo /opt/twlan/ status sudo tail /opt/twlan/mysql/data/*.err -- What distro are you using? Debian-based (Ubuntu, Linux Mint), Redhat-based (CentOS, Fedo...
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 5 11'287 22.01.2011, 13:41
    Thread: Server
Post: RE: Server

You are not allowed to host the server online. DSLan simply refuses to do that. If your friend is able to, then he's doing something illegal.
Lekensteyn Off-Topic 8 33'402 04.01.2011, 17:51
    Thread: Server
Post: RE: Server

Do you mean IP address instead of ID address? If your friend has a non-public IP address from which you can reach TWLan, then he's using an illegal and possible malicious version of DSLan. Private add...
Lekensteyn Off-Topic 8 33'402 04.01.2011, 11:58
    Thread: Server
Post: RE: Server

You are not allowed to host TWLan online.
Lekensteyn Off-Topic 8 33'402 03.01.2011, 12:35
    Thread: Problem mit DS-Lan/Question
Post: RE: Problem mit DS-Lan/Question

What distro are you using? Please do not just "chmod 777" on something. That's like removing the door because you cannot find the key for it. Can you post the results of "ls -la /opt/twlan/htdocs/grap...
Lekensteyn Fragen & Probleme 13 9'501 29.12.2010, 18:16
    Thread: Statue & Paladin (Richtig!)
Post: RE: Statue & Paladin (Richtig!)

You're possibly using an old version. This tool works on 1.4 only.
Lekensteyn Tools und Spielerprojekte 96 100'992 18.12.2010, 18:11
    Thread: PHP-Buch
Post: RE: PHP-Buch

The best website to learn PHP is still ;)
Lekensteyn Gott und die Welt 5 4'827 17.12.2010, 17:08
    Thread: Berninabot v1.0 (+Problem)
Post: RE: Berninabot v1.0 (+Problem)

Molt, please take a look at fsockopen. It's not hard to implement. Your cURL function calls are basically doing a GET or POST request, with a cookie and a POST body and fetching the result. Please che...
Lekensteyn Bots 23 28'186 14.12.2010, 16:08
    Thread: Feedback: Neues Theme
Post: RE: Feedback: Neues Theme

Nice job :) One detail: the header is less readable now, perhaps you could change the colors of the text (in the image)?
Lekensteyn Feedback 29 87'569 14.12.2010, 16:01
    Thread: Feedback: Sprachwahl
Post: RE: Feedback: Sprachwahl

The server won't have a big performance hit for redirecting / -> /de/. It costs more resources when the PHP files are requested ;) But if he decides to avoid rewrites, peace.
Lekensteyn Feedback 5 20'441 13.12.2010, 18:44