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Own Browsergame Faction-Kingdoms - Plyer52 - 13.01.2017


i want to show you my own browsergame, that i've developed in the past 6 months.
The name of the game is Faction-Kingdoms.
Here is a little description about the game.

In Faction-Kingdoms every player get's a little village, which he should extend with 10 buildings. Important buildings are for example the townhall, the protectivewall and the ressource buildings. In the game there are 4 different types of ressources, which could be obtained by different modes. The ressources can also be obtained during the different ressource buildings. The buildings in the game were placed to fixed points in the village, the type of the building is set by the user. Every building can be upgraded how often you like, because of this it's more exciting to see which way the users choose. The game uses different (fictive) time ages which increases the effect of the building / unit. Also there are 4 factions in Faction-Kingdoms. Every user can choose his favorite faction and fight for this faction. Every faction has it's own battleareas, which gives the player different boni. A big event in Faction-Kingdoms starts every week, the event is called "Worldwonder-Battle". Through this event the winner-alliance could get big prizes.


Best regards,

RE: Own Browsergame Faction-Kingdoms - 0xEAB - 25.01.2017

Besides the invalid SSL certificates and that all links (Wiki, Support, Forum) just show the main page, also your imprint is some kind of a joke for something that should be taken serious. Especially because even your WHOIS leaks everything including your phone number.

RE: Own Browsergame Faction-Kingdoms - Milu2K - 27.01.2017

"Im supposed to be playing Faction Kingdom but this one player keeps kicking my ass.."
"Is it Plyer52?"
"Yeah, Plyer52..."

RE: Own Browsergame Faction-Kingdoms - portuges23 - 29.01.2017

idk the language so i am not clicking it

RE: Own Browsergame Faction-Kingdoms - 0xEAB - 29.01.2017

I think they call it "German" Wink

RE: Own Browsergame Faction-Kingdoms - Plyer52 - 31.01.2017

(27.01.2017, 13:37)Milu2K Wrote: "Im supposed to be playing Faction Kingdom but this one player keeps kicking my ass.."
"Is it Plyer52?"
"Yeah, Plyer52..."

Can you send me a private message? I have to less posts to write an mail to you.