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It's awesome, but... - Binnysan - 22.11.2016

Hey all. Just discovered this today and made an account. Having said that.... forgive the noobish question: Is this meant for LAN only? I mean, can I make it so I have bots or something to play against? It's kind of depressing to be the only village on the map... the map looks so bare.

RE: It's awesome, but... - Molt - 22.11.2016

Yes, it's meant for LAN only, and the software attempts to limit its own functionality to that scope.

RE: It's awesome, but... - Binnysan - 22.11.2016

Ah. Undecided  Oh well, it's still pretty awesome lol.

RE: It's awesome, but... - focushor - 25.11.2016

You can also add barbs Big Grin in admin panel

RE: It's awesome, but... - Maty - 25.11.2016

how can i add barbs?

RE: It's awesome, but... - SlimShady95 - 29.11.2016

Go to the admin panel, log in and the there is a menu on the left side where you can find it.

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