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How change Language? - Sirius - 27.10.2016

How i can change my server language to portuguese?
Someone know, if know, tell me please!!


RE: How change Language? - Molt - 27.10.2016

In htdocs/config/app.json, set "lang" to "pt".
Note, though, that the Portuguese translation isn't complete. We have a little over 60% covered, but the missing strings should just fall back to English.

RE: How change Language? - Sirius - 27.10.2016

But how my friend, i know this, but how i put the language in the server?

RE: How change Language? - TheUninvited - 27.10.2016

I've found some mistakes in the dutch language file as well will probably create a pull request on the github soon Smile

As for the language setting go to your TWLan folder, open htdocs folder then config folder. Use an editor such as notepad to open app.json file which you can find there.

You will see the following text:
"db": {
"user": "twlan",
"password": "peter hat haare",
"database": "twlan"
"lang": "pt", <-- change the text between these quotes to pt currently it probably says en if you are on english version.
"sidTimeout": 720

RE: How change Language? - Sirius - 27.10.2016

Thanks my friend, you helped me so much!  Smile