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Change font - TWlan - 04.04.2015

Hi everybody.
I am translating TWlan to slovenian language but when i add characters like č,š,ž they are not showed in game (the characters are replaced by ?) What can i do? how can i change to the font which support these characters like Arial?
Please help and i will upload my translate .ini file

RE: Change font - Molt - 04.04.2015

It's not about the font, it's about the encoding.
You either need to force the TWLan to use UTF-8 (or whatever encoding your file uses), but that would probably break the text of custom tools, or you need to html-encode all non-ASCII characters.
To do so, just write your language file like you normally would, but instead of placing that file in the lang folder, create an encoded copy. Simply use an encoder like this one (or Google "HTML entity encoder online"), paste the contents of your file there and use the output for the TWLan.


RE: Change font - TWlan - 04.04.2015

tnx man it works i´m soo happy, you really help me Smile. Where can i post my language file when i finish?

RE: Change font - Giant Slayer - 06.04.2015

nice, dude. Hvala Big Grin