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FAQ - Molt - 28.04.2013

What is TWLan?

Does TWLan cost something?

Where can I download TWLan?

How can I install TWLan?

How can I play TWLan?

How can my friends play with me?

What is my IP?

Where do the others have to enter my IP?

Can one play TWLan online or via Hamachi?
Why not?

Is there a player limit?

How can I change the settings?

The agreement increases too fast, what can I do?

How can I add barbarian villages?

How can I reset the world?

Some characters are being displayed wrong, what can I do?

Buildings aren't built/troops aren't recruited, the time goes far into minus

apache_start.bat doesn't work. Why?

dslan_start.bat - Errcode: 2

Cannot bind to port X

Windows itself is using Port X

When will version XYZ finally be released?!?!?!