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Server - tripper - 02.01.2011

Hey to all..
I have a question..
I wanna know if is easy to open mine server.. i have the files.. and bla bla the dsllan and starter and all the server but i dont know.. the server is not come online:S and i really dont know the reason.. can some1 tell me whats wrong?Sad

RE: Server - Lekensteyn - 03.01.2011

You are not allowed to host TWLan online.

RE: Server - Molt - 03.01.2011

It's called TWLAN.
LAN - Local Area Network
The opposite of online, also called offline Wink

RE: Server - tripper - 04.01.2011

hmmm.. well.. but friend of me with few files .. (all the files too be able to open a tribure server) he open a servr ONLINE SERVER but the link for the game was his ID address ... Sad how he did it?.. i have the same files with him but i cant open the server... is there any answer?Sad

RE: Server - Lekensteyn - 04.01.2011

Do you mean IP address instead of ID address?
If your friend has a non-public IP address from which you can reach TWLan, then he's using an illegal and possible malicious version of DSLan. Private address are addresses that looks like 127.x.x.x, 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x.

RE: Server - tripper - 04.01.2011

ye i mean IP adress..... and he can set his server online .. from his IP..
look he have a full server folder from dslan server..;S he is going on setup_xapp then on starter and he is pressing on DSLlan and the server is running on his IP.. .. i tried the same shit but mine not working why .. is that prob?:/

RE: Server - Lekensteyn - 04.01.2011

You are not allowed to host the server online. DSLan simply refuses to do that.
If your friend is able to, then he's doing something illegal.

RE: Server - Tikiana - 20.04.2012

Hosting TWLan online is illegal, (With online I mean for everyone) offline doesn't care (With offline I mean only for your household).