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engine tribalwars - Kornelw1995 - 12.12.2010

Whats needs engine English version which can be put on a server. The engine must be decoded, please link ...

RE: engine tribalwars - Lekensteyn - 12.12.2010

You are not allowed to host DSLan online.
For the current versions (up to 1.4.3), you'll need PHP 4 + eAccelerator

What do you mean by 'engine'?

RE: engine tribalwars - Kornelw1995 - 12.12.2010

That at least would like to play this game engine decoded

RE: engine tribalwars - Lekensteyn - 12.12.2010

You cannot have the decoded files. You play the encoded version or you go to

RE: engine tribalwars - Comu - 28.12.2010

he means that he wants a little program which is decoding the twlan and makes it able to be played online by him.

Sorry mate, but you've to use the official version Smile

RE: engine tribalwars - Molt - 09.01.2011