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Hey guys i got my AiO and I wan`t some of the stuff to put in normal DSLan.Can you put download links or tell me how to put it in DSLan from AiO?
most of them the download links are broken
Yes I know but I think that the owners of them could put new working links in this topic.
If that could be possible i would be very happy.

Hey is there a DSLan with ä,ö,ü fixed?
You must be specific.

What you want to transfer from AiO? Admin Functions? Graphics? In-Game Functions? Tools?
Village growth,bbot
(13.11.2012, 16:43)funnymoney Wrote: [ -> ]Hey is there a DSLan with ä,ö,ü fixed?

no, sorry.
How to change start page look for DSLan??
I suggest you not to mess up with the starting page.

Just leave it like it is.
I want to change just the graphic.
I want it to look like 7.0.