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Full Version: Graphic 7.0 v1.0
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out of date - Version: 0.7 (working with a new version)
you can find the new version below

Download this with latest vesrion 1.0

This include both the index and the game file.
the rest will be a suprise

But for you who wants to know how it looks like I can show you that.
It is still not 100 % done it need some small changes

If you like it feel free to comment

[Image: tribano_MMOserver.png]

if you cant find the image above just open this link
Image link

The new image on v 1.1

Can u take a bigger screenshot? Anyway, good job!
I downloaded and applied on top of a blank DS-Lan 1.4 installation (only Statue installed on it) and the all template is much worse than on the screenshot...

What I did wrong?

I cleared the template_c lots of times, but the template is a bit bad, and the coordinates on the buildings are not aligned with the buildings themselves...
yeah as you saw in the first post i hade and link,

but this is with the 0.8 version and the new one do have some new
why "premium"? its not subsist at TWLAN
its just because the idé with this is to make it look more like the real
server and you cant get it to look like it if you dont use the same menu as well.

and yeah the link that is under premium is as well broke so yeah it do not have
any funktion really.
Here is an new image on the new 1.1 version

Is is as well bigger
New Link required !