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Full Version: Map Graphic Update!
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Hey, i just download twlan agian, after few yers that did not played anymore, and i will start to customize it as mutch i can!

At first i started with customizing the map, what do you think?
[Image: ORbph.png]
So you dont like my map? Sad
good job but not my style
Try to make rocks diferently,because the rocks when near the village are cutted. but overall i like it! Big Grin
please dont make it like that..this is TW not kingsage!
make it normal
kingsage ... i did play that game for a long time
I also played when the game was realesed, but did not like it to mutch! Smile
you dont like it, but u wanna make graphic like that game
Game graphic is nice looking, but i dony like the game!!!