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Full Version: My Startseite
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I've been working on my startseite for 2 days and this is what i've got so far :

The language is Romanian , i still have to work to translate it , when its finished i will release it!
very good!
Very Nice ;-)
but the header is not so good :S
Thanks , i don't know what header to put there , im still searching for a good one! Any ideas?
You can make your own, if you know how Big Grin
I know how to make a header...but im searching maybe i will find something good!
could you tell us which size the header must be?! If we now that it will be very much easier!

Sorry for my bad english but I'm almost 14 years old Wink
I've changed the header. I like to keep it simple i hope you like it

That's very much better than before! GREAT!

Now you must only translate the language into german or english then it's perfect!
now its really better!
maybe i can translate it!
Thanks! I don't want to translate my DSLan in English or German because im Romanian ! Im still learning English ...
hey great
Thanks here is an update :

You have bugs with the color around the swords...
Where ? I can't see those bugs ... everything is fine for me!
Yes I can't see any bugs, too!
me too!
It's perfect!
Thanks guys , everyday im working hard to make it better and better!
Your start side is not bad Wink
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