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Full Version: Portuguese translation
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Hello, excuse my bad English, I am Brazilian and I am using the translator, and I would like to offer my service to translate the Dslan to Portuguese, both from Portugal and Brazil's.
If you are interested contact me here in the forum or my email (in English please):
[email protected]

If you'd like to translate TWLan, check out the Topic in "Announcements".

E-mail sent...
Waiting for reply.
I want to the portuguese translation for me

i had pt translation once but know i dont remember the web site
I translate my game Tongue but i dont know if i give to you that...

But not 100% translate...

Eu traduzi o meu tw Tongue mas nao sei se vou ao pessoal daqui...o upload demora muito :S

Não está todo traduzido só o mais importante.
nao demora tanto mete so o lang file num rar e depois faz upload para algum serviço se nao for bom passas para o molt ele deve arranjar